Expressing your feeling

Voice is the heart and soul, the magic, and the wit, along with the feeling and conviction of the individual writer that emerge through the words.


Voice is the most elusive of the traits of quality writing. it is uniquely the passion, experiences, and creativity that are brought to the reader's attention through the writer's exceptional ability to convey his or her own observations gleaned from experiences.


Voice is evident in the stories and literature we share with our students every day.


Voice makes writing come alive!


This section contains lessons that focus on how students can connect with their readers to compel them to continue reading. Each Getting to the Core of Writing book has "voice" lessons appropriate to that grade level. Lessons in this section for Grade 5 include:


• Lesson 2: What is My Voice? (page 210)

• Lesson 4: The Color of My Voice (page 216)


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Getting to the Core of Writing, Level 5