Getting to the Core of Writing, Level 3, reflects the growing maturity of writers at this level.


"As third-through sixth-grade writers mature, they begin to reflect on their own thinking, pausing and rereading to see how the piece they have crafted sounds or discovering alternative routes for a story plot or other written presentation. They are more likely to begin to consider the reader before putting  words down on paper. They gain greater mastery of paragraphing, revising, and editing."

From Getting to the Core of Writing, Level 3, page 8.


Key elements of Getting to the Core of Writing, Level 3:


•  Planning Writing Instruction

•  Components of Writer's Workshop

•  Implementing the Lessons

•  Implementing Writer's Workshop

•  The Writing Conference

•  Top 10 Tips for Creating Successful Writers

•  Correlations to Common Core State Standards

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