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Gentry's NEW Book!

Kid Writing

in the 21st Century

with co-authors

Eileen G. Feldgus


Isabell Cardonick

Kid Writing

in the 21st Century




The importance of young children's writing in developing literacy was long neglected. In this brand-new book, written in the same familiar and joyful "I can do this in my classroom" voice that teachers loved in Kid Writing (1999), the authors show how reading, spelling, knowledge of the alphabet, and knowledge about speech sounds develop together and support each other in meaning-making among beginning writers.


The Kid Writing process is the missing piece of the beginning literacy puzzle in many classrooms - it will show you how to get your students started writing from the very start of the school year!


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Strategies for Implementing Writer's Workshop


Support rich instruction through Writer's Workshop

The newest book from the Core of Writing Team, Strategies

is a researched-based, easy-to-use resource with all the tools

to create a successful Writer's Workshop. Teachers will learn

classroom-tested techniques and engaging instructional

approaches to support all levels of writers. This resource

provides sample mini-lessons, activities, classroom snapshots,

templates, student resources and more!


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Fostering Writing in Today's Classroom


Create enthusiastic writers and facilitate a positive learning environment with Fostering Writing in Today's Classroom. This easy-to-implement resource offers dynamic topics such as setting up Writer's Workshop in your classroom; teaching the 5-step writing process; implementing the traits of effective writing; and connecting writing to close reading, reporting, and thinking. Great for professional development and staying current on research-based best practices, new teachers, pre-service educators, and even teaching veterans won't want to let go of this book!


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Getting to the Core of Writing series provides teachers with focused lessons for Writer's Workshop that incorporate instruction on the traits of writing.


Lessons covering a variety  of genres include opinion/argument, informative/explanatory, and narrative are designed to guide students through the writing process from pre-writing to publishing.


Features of Getting to the Core of Writing include:


Management lessons to lay a strong foundation for an effective Writer's Workshop


•Opportunities to model what good writing looks like through the use of appropriate mentor texts


•Strategies to spotlight student writing successes


•Reproducible templates and support materials to promise daily writing conferences


•Benchmark assessment prompts with scoring rubrics