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Strategies for Implementing

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Support rich instruction through Writer's Workshop


The newest book from the Core of Writing Team, Strategies is a researched-based, easy-to-use resource with all the tools to create a successful Writer's Workshop. Teachers will learn classroom-tested techniques and engaging instructional approaches to support all levels of writers. This resource provides sample mini-lessons, activities, classroom snapshots, templates, student resources and more!


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Getting to the Core of Writing series provide teachers with focused lessons for Writer's Workshop that incorporate instruction on the traits of writing.


Lessons covering a variety  of genres include opinion/argument, informative/explanatory, and narrative are designed to guide students through the writing process from pre-writing to publishing.


Features of Getting to the Core of Writing include:


Management lessons to lay a strong foundation for an effective Writer's Workshop


•Opportunities to model what good writing looks like through the use of appropriate mentor texts


•Strategies to spotlight student writing successes


•Reproducible templates and support materials to promise daily writing conferences


•Benchmark assessment prompts with scoring rubrics