The Core of Writing Consulting Team offers consulting and workshop services to school district leaders and classroom teachers. Using the Getting to the Core of Writing series as a basis for their workshops, the Team is prepared to work with you to help explain and implement the Common Core States Standards for writing.


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Team Members

  • Richard Gentry, Ph.D.

    Richard Gentry is a nationally recognized author and speaker on topics of beginning reading and writing, spelling assessment, and teaching literacy in elementary school. His new Literacy Institutes includes an informative seminar on meeting the demands for writing in schools.


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  • Jan McNeel, M.A.Ed.

    Jan McNeel, M.A.Ed. is a forty-year veteran in education. She is a master teacher, staff development leader presenter, and consultant.


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  • Vickie Wallace-Nesler, M.A.Ed.

    Vickie Wallace-Nesler has been teaching for thirty years and currently works as a literacy coach, conference presenter, and literacy consultant.



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Three Richard Gentry Institutes on

Learner Processes and Teacher Methods for Literacy

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Workshop Title:

Getting to the Core of Writing: K-2; 2-4; 4-6; K-6

Customized to fit your needs:


Get the latest information on Common Core Standards for writing while making writing instruction fun! This workshop provides practical, hands-on strategies and resources for helping teachers implement daily, easy-to-follow lessons directly aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Following guidelines in our just released, pick-up-and-use text, Getting to the Core of Writing, participants explore and celebrate the teaching of writing, Writing Workshop, and the 6-Traits of Quality Writing.


Our Workshop is customized to meet your scheduling needs.


The workshop team: Jan McNeel, Vickie Wallace-Nesler, Richard Gentry

 (We present as a team and/or individually.)




Answering the call of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the challenge every teacher faces to teach writing effectively, this session offers easy, practical suggestions for writing workshop instruction to build a classroom where children learn, love, and choose to write. The workshop resource, Getting to the Core of Writing: Essential Lessons for Every [K-6] Student is an affordable 288-page book with forty-plus spiraling lessons for each grade level K-6.

Participants learn how to help students meet the grade level expectations of the Common Core Standards for Writing along with many Speaking & Listening standards. Learn how to manage writing workshop embedded with the six traits of quality writing. Get the lessons you need—simple, practical, teacher friendly, aligned to Common Core. Our ready-to-use, classroom-tested lessons allow you to adapt to your classroom needs and lead your students to become successful writers. Meet our Six Writing Trait Team, a colorful collection of characters that illustrates each of the traits of quality writing and fosters sustainable writing process throughout the year. Participants will meet Ida Idea Creator, Simon Sentence Builder, Owen Organization Conductor, Wally Word Choice Detective, Val & Van Voice, and Callie Conventions Super Checker who come with multiple resources for implementing each trait.

Participants leave the workshop with resources ready to be used immediately in their classrooms along with development-based strategies for moving students up the spiral staircase to writing proficiency.




•  Lessons for Common Core’s three big genres: Argumentative and Opinion, Informational


•  Writing, and Narratives (at each grade level).


•  Management Lessons: Turn and Talk; Two Inch Voices


•  Ideas: Ideas Thinking Chart; I Can Write Like That! Getting Ideas from Literature


•  Sentence Fluency: 7 & Up Sentences; Popcorn Sentences; The Sentence Game


•  Organization: My Hand Plan; Poetry: Simple Acrostic


•  Word Choice: I Say It with my Senses; Awesome Adjectives


•  Voice: Voice Times Two; More than Happy, Sad, and Mad


•  Conventions: The Capital Rap; Movin’ to Edit!


Sample handouts are included. Be prepared to celebrate the teaching of writing, bring joy into writing instruction, and erase your worry about meeting Common Core Standards!





Sample workshop lessons include: