Kid Writing

Literacy Institute

Mobile, AL Summer 2016

July 12, 13, & 14 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)


Kid Writing Literacy Institute

July 12, 13, & 14

Presented by

 J. Richard Gentry, Ph.D

Registration for Dr. Gentry's

Kid Writing Literacy Institute

is quick and easy, and you have options!


Online : Simply complete the online registration form

below and click 'Submit.' You will then be taken the PayPay website where you may pay with your existing Paypal account, create your own Paypal Account or if you preferred pay with either your credit or debit card.


Print and Mail: If you prefer not to complete the registration form and pay online, you may print the Registration Form below, manually complete it, and send it along with your check to the address listed on the form. Note: in order to receive the $125 discount, all mailed-in forms must be postmarked June 30 or earlier.


Registration Form PDF


Purchase Order: Teachers may register individually or with a group. As per your administrator’s directions you may register in Chalkable (formerly STIPD) but you must also send the completed Registration Form PDF (above) form into us. Please complete the Purchase Order # and Submitted by information on the form.