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Writer's Folder.


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Creating a Writer's Folder

What is a Writing Folder?


The Writing Folder is a valuable tool that helps students organize and care for their important writing work. It enables anyone to see the child’s writing progress because it contains works in progress and completed pieces.


The writing folder is set up with a simple two pocket portfolio folder with brads. A green dot sticker is placed on the inside pocket of the front section of the folder for works in progress. Writing paper and the child’s Student Mini-Lesson Log—his or her personal record of what he or she is learning—is also stored in this section. A red dot sticker is placed on the pocket inside the back cover for finished writing. At the end of the month, the folder is cleaned out and the child’s best writing is kept in a separate Showcase Folder.


The bracketed section in the middle of the writing folder is a place for resources and anchor charts often introduced from Getting to the Core of Writing during Writing Workshop mini-lessons. Storing these important reference pieces in the bracketed section of the Writing Folder makes it easy for the child to use them during Writing Workshop.


View the video above to see how to have your students set up a Writer's Folder.

More detailed information is available in the grade level books in the Getting to the Core of Writing Series. Locate this lesson in the Managing Writer's Workshop section.


Materials needed:


Two-pocket Folder with fastners


Red and Green dot stickers


Student Mini-Lesson Log (CD Resource)


Reference Inserts (CD Resource):

Dolch Sight Word List

Fry Sight Word List

Short and Long Vowel Charts

Vowel Team Chart


Completed Writing Folder to Model


Clear Protective Sleeves (4 to 5)