Meet Jan McNeel,


Jan McNeel, M.A.Ed.


PO Box 169 Dick McNeel Rd.

Hillsboro, WV 24946




Jan McNeel, M.A.ED., is a forty plus year veteran of education!  Formerly a Title I and Reading Recovery teacher with classroom experience expanding from early literacy K-6 to middle school English/Language Arts, she is incredibly passionate, practical, and gets results.  For twelve years, Jan has consulted with schools and districts across the state, organizing, planning and providing summer literacy academies.  As a previous member of the West Virginia Department of Education Reading Cadre and a recipient of the West Virginia Reading Teacher of the Year award, Jan provided in-class demonstrations of reading and writing strategies, and has presented at state, regional and national conferences.


For the past 3-5 years, she focused on modeling writing strategies using lesson formats from “Getting to the Core of Writing Instruction.”  Studies of literacy acquisition at Auckland University and Bayfield Primary School in New Zealand serve as the foundation of her expertise in reading and writing. Presently, a member of her local Board of Education, Jan has a unique view of funding for professional development, and the importance of quality writing instruction to improve academic achievement.


As Jan says,


"No Excuses,

Just Results!"