From the authors of the Getting to the Core of Writing series,

 a great new writing resource book for teachers:



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This focused resource from experts in teaching writing helps develop enthusiastic and efficient writers through classroom-tested methods that support all students.



Its up-to-date research-based strategies and proven best practices in writing instruction help educators meet the demands of today's new and challenging standards while developing purposeful writers. This book provides high-quality support in areas such as writer's workshops, the writing process, the traits of good writing, assessment, classroom organization, and the use of appropriate writing  assignments. Using the strategies, tips, and resources in this book, you can transform students into college- and career-ready writers



Teach writing. Empower the child. Change the world.

Fostering Writing in Today's Classroom


Take Your Craft to a Higher Purpose and a Greater Accomplishment



Teaching writing is of vital importance for every teacher in today’s classrooms. At no time in recent history has fostering writing in the classroom been more crucial. Propelled by powerful research, including brain scan studies linking writing to reading and thinking, student writing is recognized as being critical for learning and crucial for every child’s academic and future career success. In 21st century classrooms, every teacher must be a writing teacher.


This book is intended to be your guide—an inspirational, research‑ and evidence‑based, practical, and accessible compendium to living the life of a writing teacher and fostering the love, need, and life-changing effects of everyday writing in your classroom. For pre-service and novice writing teachers, the foundations you need to get started and move forward are

provided. Master teachers will find fresh ideas and enlightenment sprinkled with quotes from the eminent leaders of our craft. This book will help you take the craft of writing to a higher ground.


As we travel across the United States and beyond, we work in many districts where legions of teachers—not well-prepared to teach writing, through no fault of their own—have been thrust into turmoil with high expectations and demands for teaching writing but are given no staff

development, no resources, and little support. This book is their guide.

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