Getting to the Core of Writing, Level 5, will help students become better writers by writing every day.


"Third-, fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade writing often mirrors how children think. Initially in this period of elementary school, students' writing can reflect thinking 'limited to concrete phenomena and their own past experiences: that is, thinking is not abstract' (Bjorklund 1999). During third grade through sixth grade, students will learn to shift back and forth during drafting to survey the piece from both the reader's and writer's perspective. This includes responding to varying demands of audience, purpose, task, and genre, often guided by the Common Core State Standards and based on a rich array of appropriate models for writing."

(From Getting to the Core of Writing, Level 5, page 7.)


Key elements of Getting to the Core of Writing, Level 5:


•  Planning Writing Instruction

•  Components of Writer's Workshop

•  Implementing the Lessons

•  Implementing Writer's Workshop

•  The Writing Conference

•  Top 10 Tips for Creating Successful Writers

•  Correlations to Common Core State Standards

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