Checking your writing

Conventions are how the writer uses mechanical correctness in the piece–spelling, paragraphing, grammar and usage, punctuation, and capitalization


Writing that does not follow standard conventions is difficult to read. the use of correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar is wha tmakes writing consistent and easy to read. This section provides lessons that guide students to internalize conventions as they write and as they check their work after they have writen a piece.


Each of the books in the series has lessons appropriate to that grade level. Lessons in this section for Grade 4 include:


• Lesson 2: Be a Word Wizard (page 180)

• Lesson 4: Put "Said" to Bed (page 187)

• Lesson 8: Adverb Alert (page 199)


See all the lessons in

Getting to the Core of Writing, Level 4.