Kid Writing

Literacy Institute

Mobile, AL Summer 2016

July 12, 13, & 14 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Daily Agenda and Topics


Kid Writing Literacy Institute

presented by

 J. Richard Gentry, PhD

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The Daily Schedule


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday—July 12, 13, and 14

9:00 am-1:00 PM Daily

Wednesday Evening Cocktail Celebration at

Dr. Gentry’s Government Street Residence

5:00 pm (optional)




Day 1: Tuesday, July 12



Engaging Children in Writing Workshop

   Step One:     Draw-Your-Story or Draw-Your-information


     Step Two:      Kid Writing – Guided Phonics-Based Spelling

    -Stretching Through with a Moving Target

     -The Magic Line

     -Kid Crowns


     Step Three:   Adult Writing:  Teacher Publishing for Reading and Rereading


     Step Four:     Focused Mini-Lessons, High Frequency Words, Handwriting


     Step Five:      Quick Share


     Step Six:        Publication means success! Tons of ideas for you!


 Kid Writing for Everyone


Adaptations for Pre-Kindergarten level students

Adaptations for First Grade Strugglers and Special Education

Effectiveness with English Language Learners


Day 2: Wednesday, July 13


Writing Across the Curriculum and Through the Genres



100 Great Ideas You Can Use

  • Book Writing
  • Science Connections
  • Math Connections
  • Social Studies Connections
  • Environmental Connections
  • Nightmare Stories
  • Yuck Menus
  • Story Comparisons
  • Literature Connections
  • Responding to Current Events

Day 3: Thursday, July 14


Breaking New Ground and Falling in Love with Assessment


Teachers and Administrators will be coming to you for modeling Kid Writing formative assessments and reporting techniques for student growth.


   Phonics Inventory Assessment

     Close-Look Assessment

     Monster Test (Gentry Developmental Spelling) Assessment

     Conventions of Writing Developmental Scale Assessment

     Writing Thermometer Report Card

     Insights through Brain Research—The Reading/Writing Connection



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