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The concept of the Core of Writing is simple: writing is basic to reading success. The authors that make up the Core of Writing Team understand this fundamental connection between reading success and writing competency. During their many years as educators and literacy consultants, Dr. J. Richard Gentry, Jan McNeel, and Vickie Wallace-Nesler witnessed first hand the many frustrations capable teachers face everyday in the classroom attempting to locate and put into play a rigorous writing program. The many complexities confronting teachers range from confusing and often conflicting standards to lack of adequate funding for materials to limited access of high quality staff development. The Core of Writing Team's combination of a high quality writing program compliant with today's educational standards that is affordable, easily implemented and supported by the authors unparalleled Staff Development services has relieved frustrations, rejuvenated careers, and rekindled enthusiasm for teaching.



The resources you will find here (grade level writing programs in easy and affordable book form, tutorials, staff development) are a result of years of research and field experience resulting in the foundational structure and best practices that will guide teachers as they establish a daily Writer's Workshop. Students will become engaged in the writing process that is guided by a flexible pacing guide aiding teachers in planing writing instruction. Here teachers and administrators will find all the tools needed to inspire and equip young writer's  in today's classroom.