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Your Pathway for Implementing Common Core State Standards Is Here!

Getting to the Core of Writing series is your guide with easy-to use, engaging lessons!

This Series Will Help You:

Here is What You Get:

•Become a stronger teacher of writing

•Put you in the driver’s seat and give you confidence

•Elevate the writing and speaking and listening skills of your students

•Figure out how to meet Common Core State Standards

•Implement a successful writing program

•Find piece of mind in an era of high stakes testing and new burdens on teachers

Seven levels, K-6, bought separately, each level targeted to that level's students

•40-plus essential lessons at each grade level that spiral upward

•Lessons and tips for classroom management

•Lessons for meeting Common Core’s big genres at each grade level (opinion and argument, informative & explanatory writing, and narratives)

•Full implementation of the six traits of writing (see our Traits Team page)





Everything you need to make writing an every day activity in your classroom


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New Book!

This new book from the Core of Writing Team,  a focused resource from experts in teaching writing,  helps develop enthusiastic and efficient writers through classroom-tested methods that support all students. Read more about it.

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Getting to the Core of Writing

was conceived and written by teachers for teachers.


The Core of Writing team of authors and consultants includes some of America's most experienced writing experts.


 Richard Gentry          Jan McNeel          Vickie Wallace-Nesler


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